• Centrifugal circulation, high pressure, large air volume. Air cushion, lower noise design. The aerodynamic torque is small, the working process are stable and reliable.
  • Non oil circulation design, for clean environment processing
  • Each type can be applied both as vacuum pump and compressor in continuous operation over the total stated performance curve range. The motors are available as standard for the input voltage range of 50 and 60 Hz and for protection category IP 55.
  • Relief-valve are available for limiting differential pressure.
  • Measuring-surface sound-pressure level ACC to DIN EN 21680, measured at a distance of 1m.
  • The pump is throttled to an average suction pressure, a hose is connected to the discharge side (compressor) / suction side (vacuum pump), but is not fitted with relief valves.
  • The motors are designed according to the DIN EN 60 034 / DIN IEC 34-1 and temperature class F.
  • For the three-phase machines the tolerances are +/- 10 % for fixed voltage and +/- 5 % for voltage range.
  • The frequency tolerance is maximum +/- 2 %.
  • The performance curves are based on air at a temperature of 15 °C and an atmospheric pressure of 1013 mbar with a tolerance of +/- 10 %. The total pressure differences are valid for suction and ambient temperatures up to 25 °C. For other conditions please confer with us.


  • Tech Specs

    MODEL VC-SC055 VC-SC075 VC-SC110
    Power (KW) 6.3 8.6 12.6
    Power (HP) 8.4 11.4 16.8
    Air Flow (cfm) 319 336 644
    Vacuum Capacity (in. Hg) 11.5 12 13.5
    Max. Pressure (in. Hg) 14.1 16.5 21
    Work Pressure (in. Hg) 10.2 12.3 13.9
    Weight (LBS) 143 152 246
    Size (L x W x H) 19"x17"x18" 18"x16"x18" 26"x22"x23"



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