-12 HP (9.6 KW) AIR COOLING, Quick Change, 6,000-24,000 rpm/min

- Yaskawa Sigma 7 Servo Drive System w/Shimpo Gear Reducers - Max Rapid Speed- 2350 IPM / Max Working Speed - 1,100 IPM

- Industrial Grade Syntec 6MB Controller

- HIWIN Precision Linear rails and bearings - Helical Rack & Pinion - X/Y     axis / Precision Ball Screw - Z axis

- 12 Position 'Under Gantry' Quick Tool changer - W/ ISO30 Tool Holders

- 11kw Delta / Fuling VFD Spindle Inverter

- Heavy Duty Steel Welded Frame

- Precision 'Tri-Measure' Automatic Tool length measure switch 

- Pneumatic Material Positioning Stops

- Automatic Axis Lubrication System

- Axis Jog - Manual Pulse Generator

- 6 Zone Phenolic Vacuum Grid Tabletop


  • Available Upgrades

    * T-SLOTS

    * 9 POSITION HSD Drill Bank


  • Tech Specs

    Machine Working Size: 4x8 ( X*51’’, Y*98’’, Z*7-3/4"), 5x10 (X*63", Y*126", Z*7-3/4), 6x12 (X*74", Y*146", Z*7-3/4)

    Machine Size (L X W X H): 4x8 (122” x 87” x 71”), 5x10 (149" x 99" x 71"), 6x12 (173" x 110" x 71")

    Machine Max. Travel Speed:  2,350 IPM

    Machine Max. Working Speed:  1,100 IPM

    Machine Power:  3 PH ,220 V ,52 AMP

    Machine Net Weight: 4x8 (3,960 lbs), 5x10 (4,480 lbs), 6x12 (5,250)

    Tool Holder:  ISO30


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