We are Feedrate CNC, INC.  A privately held corporation in the state of Georgia, originally known as enRoute CNC MFG INC. With a decade of experience with CNC Machinery and CNC Programming we specialize in providing the sign, woodworking and machining industry with high quality, high output, yet economically priced Industrial Grade CNC Routers and routing services. We are BBB Accredited and maintain an A+ rating because each sale is personal.  Allow us to exceed your expectations!  

Our Industrial Grade CNC Router packages provide you with the most powerful, highest quality components and assembly for the most economical cost.


Our packages provide you with everything you need to start cutting! 

ER Series Industrial Routers incorporate features like Auto-Loading/Unloading, Auto-Bed cleaning and Hydraulic lifting platform systems.  In addition we provide our customers with professional installation, on site applications training and CNC Programming.


Everything you need to establish and streamline your product line!

FeedR8 CNC specializes in providing the signage, woodworking, and machining industry with high quality yet economically priced industrial grade CNC Routers.



6000 Stewart Pkwy, #5998 Douglasville GA 30154

Tel: (678)810-8914

Email: info@feedratecnc.com